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December 2020

Each year, our team collaborates on a variety of internal research projects to support industry needs, knowledge, and processes. This year, our process safety testing team designed and constructed a new test rig at our Wilfred E. Baker Test Facility (WEBTF)! This appropriately named “Cylinder Skid Dispersion Rig” allows the team to disperse a variety of gases without previously required modifications to our existing rigs. Having this new, dedicated rig, the testing team can now quickly connect any type of gas skid to the rig’s manifold and begin testing.

This rig will be used to help validate dispersion models, especially as it applies to more complex gaseous materials. The rig was built to test methane gas dispersion and hydrogen gas ignition probability; however, we anticipate using it to test a variety of gases in the future.


The new rig was built with high-quality 316 stainless steel to allow for compatibility with a diverse range of materials. Additionally, the rig can withstand supply pressures up to 3,000 psig!

John Moosemiller stands in front of the completed Cylinder Skid Dispersion Rig.

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