Chris Heaton Joins BakerRisk as CEO

Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants (BakerRisk) is pleased to announce that Chris Heaton has joined our team as Chief Executive Officer. Chris replaces Quentin Baker as part of BakerRisk’s ownership and management succession plan. Quentin remains with BakerRisk serving as Chairman of the Board, and  will continue to support clients with incident investigations, engineering studies and research programs.

Chris brings executive experience with risk engineering and consulting, fire protection engineering, life safety and incident investigation companies. He has a strong focus on client relationships and satisfaction. Chris holds degrees in civil engineering and architecture.

BakerRisk adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) starting in 2013 and completed the ESOP transition in 2019 by becoming 100% ESOP owned. The ESOP program was adopted to continue the tradition of employee ownership for generations to come. Chris previously worked in employee owned companies and desired to return to the environment of strong employee involvement and engagement.

Chris is located in our San Antonio office and can be reached at 210-824-5960.  For more information please email us

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