Community outreach program founded by BakerRisk staff member

BakerRisk is proud to share news on a heartwarming community outreach program called San Antonio Partners in Service (SAPIS), which is a 100% volunteer non-profit focused on empowering disabled people to help others in need. This program is founded and led by Don Ketchum, a Principal Engineer with BakerRisk. Don embodies BakerRisk’s belief that an important part of our business success is our impact on the lives of our employees and communities. 

SAPIS volunteers support the San Antonio community on a regular basis by providing sack lunches to those in need. Each week, 144 sack lunches are packed by mentally and developmentally disabled adults from the Unicorn Center, which are then distributed by volunteers to the Dixon Clinic and the Wesley Health and Wellness Center, both in San Antonio.

Cost per care package was stretched to one single dollar!

Additionally, in 2018/2019:

  • The volunteers made 100 cold weather kits for distribution to the homeless in the peak of winter. Kits included:
    • A small blanket or stocking cap
    • 2 pairs of warm socks
    • An emergency poncho
    • A granola bar
    • 2 packets of peanut butter crackers
    • A pack of cookies
    • A bottle of water

The volunteers also teamed with other small organizations to support:

  • Refugees at the Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, TX and RAICES in San Antonio, TX
    • Snack Packs like the one below are provided for these refugees.
  • Elderly San Antonio residents in need
    • 100 elderly people who participate in the Meals on Wheels program received gift bags for their pets, which included:
      • Treats – milk bones
      • Toys – a ball, rope, and chew bone
      • Food – 2 pounds of Purina Dog Chow

The special needs adult volunteers have expressed their feelings of being rewarded by supporting the needs of others. Don recently expressed that he feels the most powerful thing about this work is creating this opportunity for people who are sometimes viewed as helpless, so that they in turn can help others in need.

Feedback from the volunteers

We thank Don and all of his volunteers for their selfless support for those in need!  BakerRisk is grateful for the opportunity to provide funding to local charities that are doing such great work.

Don and volunteers preparing sack lunches
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