Darren Malik Presented the “Best Paper” Award at GCPS Conference


Congratulations to our Testing Operations General Manager, Darren Malik, who has won the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Bill Doyle Award for Best Paper at the 2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety.  Darren’s paper, “Deflagrations by Design”, was co-authored with BakerRisk’s Kelly Thomas, Oscar Rodriguez, Brad Horn, and Jihui Geng, who share in this proud honor.

Darren Malik at our Box Canyon Testing Facility

“Deflagrations by Design” describes a test program in which the test rig geometry was manipulated to prevent a deflagration to detonation transition (DDT).  This work is a small step towards a better understanding of how equipment/plant layout could be used to mitigate the damaging effects of vapor cloud explosions.

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A special thanks to the AIChE team for this distinguished award recognizing a paper that would have had Bill Doyle on his feet asking a penetrating question, making a decisive comment, and leading the applause!



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