Double feature in Process Safety Progress

The June edition of Process Safety Progress magazine features two articles by Mike Broadribb, Senior Principal Process Safety Consultant with BakerRisk.

The first article (pages 140-144), “In Harm’s way—after which nothing was the same again too close for comfort—Part 2,” discusses some of Mr. Broadribb’s personal experiences with process safety incidents.  In the article, Mr. Broadribb states “Sharing technical lessons learned from incidents is vital to improving process safety performance across the process industries. Most incidents also involve human factors, often as a key causal factor. Understanding performance‐shaping factors can be essential to minimizing future failures. Most case studies on process safety incidents are written by a third party who was not directly involved in the incident. As such, the papers may lack insights that can only be properly articulated by someone directly involved.”

The article is available on the publisher’s website, here.

The second article, titled, “Human error: A myth eclipsing real causes,” follows on pages 145-149. This article discusses the complexity of high stress environments in fields such as aeronautics and oil and gas, and explores ‘commonalities and possible root causes’ for catastrophic accidents in such environments. The article discusses how ‘factors related to cultural, engineering, situational, psychological, procedural, and organizational aspects’ may contribute to what investigation professionals consider as “human error.”

This article is also available on the publisher’s website, here.

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