Expanding Industry Safety Resources

From inception, BakerRisk has leveraged research and development with support from our consulting operations to provide our clients high value services, cutting edge products, and extensive research. While working closely with our clients to support their needs, our professionals also actively participate on a variety of industry committees to offer their knowledge, contribute BakerRisk’s R&D, publish articles, and present current topics at conferences.  

To further promote industry knowledge sharing, BakerRisk has created a Knowledge Share page that is accessible to you through our website. The BakerRisk Knowledge Share page offers:

  1. A listing of in-person and virtual courses through the BakerRisk Learning Center to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  2. A collection of our published papers and presentations that can be requested from the authors offering you the advantage to ask any follow-up questions you may have.
  3. A gallery of testing videos that can be used in your internal education efforts.

This year, we are building on this knowledge sharing with:

  1. A Best Practices Guidance Document Series
  2. An external Webinar Series
  3. A four paper series on Facility Siting in the September Issue of Process Safety Progress

Through our relentless testing and research, BakerRisk will continue to augment and further our experience and understanding of hazard and risk management to share with the broader community.

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