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October 2020

Below is our Fall 2020 Newsletter dedicated to Knowledge Share. If you’d like to receive these topics directly in your email box, click here. If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant please Contact Us.

Expanding Industry Safety Resources

From inception, BakerRisk has leveraged research and development with support from our consulting operations to provide our clients high value services, cutting edge products, and extensive research. While working closely with our clients to support their needs, our professionals also actively participate on a variety of industry committees to offer their knowledge, contribute BakerRisk’s R&D, publish articles, and present current topics at conferences.

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BRLC In-Person & Virtual Training Courses

COVID-19 has presented several unique challenges to the way we conduct business. One of the key areas affected has been the ability for professional engineers to obtain continuing education credits to maintain their professional status.

BakerRisk recognizes the importance of continuing to provide education services to those wishing to increase their knowledge base in areas of Process Safety. Our first step in this process was to take our learning center virtual. We began offering virtual courses in the summer of 2020 that present the same high-quality content that participants are accustomed to in our in-person courses.

Areas of the country are now open to the prospect of travel and in-person meetings. As such, we have transitioned to hybrid courses for the fall that will allow a limited number of participants to attend in-person as well as the ability for participants to attend virtually.

At BakerRisk, we are committed to offering the same high-quality course content while being flexible enough to accommodate the varying environmental conditions. For more information on course availability, please visit our website

Best Practice Series

This summer, BakerRisk kicked off our new Best Practice guidance document series with Shelter-In-Place (SIP), authored by Anthony Sarrack, Principal Process Safety Consultant. The guidance closes a significant gap in the understanding and use of SIP as a strategy for risk mitigation.

Mike Moosemiller, Senior Principal Process Safety Consultant, authored a HAZOP Best Practice for the series in early September. The guidance is primarily a collection of observations from years of experience facilitating HAZOP studies, focusing on what makes HAZOPs succeed – or fail, even when all the right pieces seem to be in place for success.

Visit for more information, or to speak with BakerRisk one-on-one about SIP and HAZOP services.

Earn Professional Development Credits

In support of the increased demand for online learning resources, BakerRisk launched a new educational Webinar series consisting of industry-safety related topics. As well as being a great resource for your site’s safety goals, the series provides an opportunity to earn professional development credit.

Murtaza Gandhi, Principal Process Safety Engineer, kicked off the series in July with the topic, “A Scientific Approach to Fire and Gas Detector Mapping”. Murtaza shares guidance on consequence modeling, 3D object interaction, and detector reliability as a consistent approach to implementing Fire and Gas Detectors – optimizing project costs and personnel safety.

In September, Process Safety specialist Stephanie Salazar presented “What to Expect with API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System” in support of the pipeline industry’s interest on how to implement and execute the new practice. Stephanie reviews the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle of the practice.


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BakerRisk Publications

We’re proud to have contributed to the industry knowledge share at a number of annual conferences impacted by the pandemic. We applaud the hard work the organizers at these conferences put in to quickly transition to virtual platforms, which include the ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference as well as AIChE’s Midwest Regional Conference, Spring Meeting & Global Congress of Process Safety, and their Center for Hydrogen Safety US Conference. Don’t miss out on our technical presentations and papers from these and other recent conferences. View a list of our presented papers below; request your copy or browse our other papers here.


In addition to conference presentations, we provided (4) articles for Process Safety Progress’ September 2020 edition.

These articles provide perspective on best practice for consequence and risk-based facility siting studies as well as how they can be refined and leveraged into risk mitigation programs. Additionally, the cover displays some of our unique testing equipment and services. To appreciate the context of current best practice, BakerRisk discusses the historical context and vision for the future of facility siting. These articles are written by some of the world’s leading facility siting specialists who are supported by BakerRisk’s 35+ years of Incident Investigation and Research & Development programs.