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October 2022

The test facility has everything for fire and explosion testing, from qualified employees to a 9,800 sq. ft, high-bay test building.

Fire and explosion testing is only as good as the team carrying it out. To understand the durability of protective structures, the risk of industrial accidents, and other key topics, you need a fully equipped testing facility – plus certified professionals to help you carry out your tests and analyze their results.

At the Wilfred E. Baker test facility (WEBTF), you’ll find both the space and equipment you need for your safety tests and the right people to get the work done according to your needs.

The Wilfred E. Baker test facility

Designed to accommodate a wide range of structural response tests, blast tests, jet fire tests, and other process safety testing, the WEBTF is located 30 miles southeast of San Antonio. It includes 160 acres in total and a 9800 ft.² high-bay test building and FORTRESS Protective Buildings, LLC’s Nameplate #1 multi-hazard resistant structure..

Here, clients will find one of the largest shock tubes ever constructed: perfect for performing a variety of blast-related tests to determine response of structural components. At the WEBTF, multidisciplinary teams run tests, analyze results, and educate clients on the nature of worksite incidents.

What tests can the Wilfred E. Baker test facility accommodate?

The WEBTF can run a wide variety of tests, such as:

This test facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and measurement devices to examine thermal stability, blast resistance, and more according to your needs.

Exceptional experts for your process safety testing

Aside from a high-bay test building and plenty of open space for safety tests, the Wilfred E. Baker test facility offers the assistance of multidisciplinary testing teams. These teams are comprised of knowledgeable, qualified professionals who can help you run the right tests and analyze the results. The WEBTF’s staff can further provide litigation support through full scale testing.

Here are just a few of the professionals you’ll meet when you test at the Wilfred E. Baker facility or our other locations.

Jay Idriss

Jay Idriss, Manager of the Wilfred E. Baker test facility

Jay Idriss is the Manager of the Wilfred E. Baker test facility as well as a Senior Engineer at BakerRisk. He is an experienced structural dynamicist specializing in describing and understanding how structures respond to blast loads, heat hazards, and fragment impacts.

At his core, Jay loves problem-solving, and he works hard to provide solutions that are perfect for our clients. Jay previously worked at the U.S. Department of Defense. Now he provides cutting-edge experimental and testing work at BakerRisk by helping to plan tests involving the massive air-driven shock tubes, as well as the WEBFT’s fuel-air explosion devices to simulate full-scale vapor cloud explosions.

Darren Malik

Darren Malik, BakerRisk's General Manager of testing

Darren Malik is BakerRIsk’s General Manager of testing and a Principal Engineer at BakerRisk. He’s responsible not only for WEBTF’s testing site but also BakerRisk’s Box Canyon Test Facility, which is near Uvalde, Texas.

Darren spends most of his time working with clients by planning and executing tests, as well as working with other team members to ensure that each test runs smoothly. With his master’s degree in mechanical engineering and his experience working for the Department of Energy in thermal energy storage, Darren is well-equipped to supervise your safety process tests and meet your every need.

Sean Skrzycki

Sean Skryzycki, an Engineering Technician

Sean Skrzycki is an engineering Technician at the WEBTF. When you run a test at this location, Sean may help you run your test program by constructing test elements, setting up devices or testing objects, and much more.

Sean enjoys learning about each client’s product and dedicates himself to each new task with vigor. He spends a lot of his time at the Learning Center, which he describes as an excellent way for clients to experience real industrial hazards in a safe environment with BakerRisk.

Nolan Gajeski

Nolan Gajeski, BakerRisk’s Process Safety Testing Supervisor

Nolan Gajeski is BakerRisk’s Process Safety Testing Supervisor and a Senior Consultant. During his time with our company, Nolan has performed IRE surveys, accident investigations, hazard testing, gas detector studies, and much more. Though he has done a lot of different work in this industry, his primary focus is on testing, insurance risk surveys, and QRAs.

In fact, testing is Nolan’s favorite part of his job. He’s a team player from start to finish, and he’s dedicated to helping correct misunderstandings surrounding explosions, fires, and hazard risks at work sites and facilities throughout the country.

Brad Horn

Brad Horn, Facility Manager for BakerRisk’s Box Canyon Testing Facility
Brad Horn is the Facility Manager for BakerRisk’s Box Canyon Testing Facility. At this facility, we assist our clients in performing large-scale explosion testing, and Brad heads all testing efforts. Furthermore, Brad serves as a Senior Consultant and the Corporate Safety Director for BakerRisk.

The majority of Brad’s consulting revolves around explosions. To that end, he’s involved in a variety of test programs and incident investigations. If you need to test a structure’s resilience in the face of an explosion, Brad may be able to help in more ways than one. With degrees in physics and mathematics and a focus on the personnel element in all workplace accidents, Brad is dedicated to helping you achieve your safety goals.

Thomas Mander

Thomas Mander, Principal Engineer for BakerRisk

Thomas Mander is a Principal Engineer for BakerRisk.  Thomas wears multiple hats in his daily job, doing everything from analyzing elements to testing and assisting with research and development to finalizing the structural designs for protective buildings and more.

Thomas has a master’s degree in civil engineering, and he’s been with the company for 13 years. He takes pride in educating clients about the importance of good safety process training, and he excels at taking highly complex problems and breaking them down into understandable concepts and policies.

Man giving a tour to visitors at a blast test facility site.

Visit the Wilfred E. Baker test facility today

The Wilfred E. Baker test facility is an ideal location for a wide range of safety tests, especially due to its capable staff. Whether you need one of the above-described tests performed and the results analyzed by experienced professionals or you need a custom testing solution, BakerRisk can help. Contact us today.