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February 2022

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)

When released into the atmosphere, flammable gases, vapors from flammable liquids, and combustible dusts may be ignited if an ignition source is present. A Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) study is the required analysis for minimizing the likelihood of ignition of flammable material while considering gas/vapor/combustible dust sources and ignition design controls. BakerRisk’s methodology for HAC is more than the typical “check box” study performed to meet regulatory requirements. HACTool© output provides an evergreen product that continues to generate value and cost savings in capital expenditures over the life of a facility.

Diagram from a Hazardous Area Classification software tool, HACTool©

HAC Tool©

HAC Tool

HACTool© efficiently documents 2D and 3D HAC drawings with detailed, easy-to-update software using rule sets established in applicable guidelines.

What to Know When Performing Hazardous Area Classifications

Outline and key takeaways from the HAC webinar

HAC, also known as Electrical Area Classification (EAC), impacts the design and operation of industrial operations that utilize flammable materials by requiring ignition source controls. Uncontrolled ignition of flammable material in air can result in loss of life, property damage, business interruption, a negative impact on communities, and legal liabilities. There are numerous regulations used in a variety of industries to address HAC.

BakerRisk Best Practices for Hazardous Area Classification

The objective of the Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) analysis is to identify and classify a 3-dimensional region, space, or location within a facility that handles flammable/combustible material. The objective of a HAC analysis is to minimize uncontrolled ignition by electrical equipment or hot surfaces of flammables in air that could lead to fires or explosions resulting in equipment and property damage as well as potential loss of life.

HAC Cover

2021 NFPA Committee Service Award

David Wechsler

The Standards Council recognized David Wechsler’s contributions to the NFPA’s Code and Standards Development Process and presented him with the 2021 Committee Service Award. With more than 40 years of experience in the chemical and insurance industries, David is a recognized subject matter expert dealing with Hazardous Area Classification.

BakerRisk Learning Center

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