“Hydrogen fuel risk assessment and differing views of ignitability” featured in H2Tech’s new hydrogen-focused journal and podcast

As the energy industry looks to renewable fuels such as hydrogen (H2) as main energy sources, there is plenty for industry professionals to learn in order to protect their people, assets, and facilities. Our team was given the opportunity to discuss hydrogen’s unique safety challenges and provide insight to the industry via a new journal named H2Tech, which has been developed to focus on the H2 fuel, chemical, and industrial sectors.

In their article, “Hydrogen fuel risk assessment and differing views of ignitability”, Dr. Kelly Thomas and Mike Moosemiller addressed the range of opinions currently held among hydrogen and energy field SMEs, regarding expectations around the likelihood of and outcomes from ignited H2 releases. They also discussed the need for more H2 field testing, which could provide consistent and more accurate data to predict ignitions.

Our team is pleased to work with the H2Tech team and we are honored to be featured on the cover of the very first issue.

H2TechTalk interviews Kelly Thomas on "Ensuring safety in a new era of hydrogen"

Additionally, H2Tech invited Kelly to discuss hydrogen safety on H2Tech Talk, a new weekly podcast the journal is producing for the hydrogen community.

Questions Kelly answers in this podcast:

• Are there currently any areas of concern with the developing infrastructure in the hydrogen industry?

• Are there any lessons learned from (personal experience with hydrogen explosion) investigations that you can share with our podcast audience?

• With a large number of investments going into the hydrogen economy, and a lot of new companies entering the hydrogen technology space… what particular (safety) challenges do you foresee for these companies, and what advice would you give them to face these challenges?

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