Journal of Failure Analysis & Prevention celebrates 20th anniversary with BakerRisk articles

BakerRisk conducts failure analysis of components and equipment for various industries.  Failure analyses are performed to understand how something broke, corroded, or failed so that it can be prevented from happening again. BakerRisk’s engineering experts not only conduct investigations, but also contribute to articles on how to investigate those failures.

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the Journal of Failure Analysis & Prevention has selected 20 articles to share free of charge during the month of October 2021. Of the 20 articles that were selected, two articles were written by Senior Principal Materials Engineer, Daniel J. Benac:

Dan Benac

In his articles, “The Most Important Failure Investigation” and “Failure Investigator Mentors Needed,” Dan Benac discusses why every investigation is important and what some key practices of the investigator are, respectively.

In “The Most Important Failure Investigation,” Dan answers questions such as:

  1. Are some investigations more important than others?
  2. If so, do they require more attention to detail than others that appear to not be as important or interesting?

In “Failure Investigator Mentors Needed,” Dan discusses four lessons that an experienced failure investigator mentor should model and teach:

  1. How to perform tasks proficiently,
  2. How to think critically and scientifically,
  3. How to interpret physical features correctly, and
  4. How to communicate effectively.

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