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July 2020

As organizations continue to adapt to challenges, we have noticed a trend in HSE and Operations professionals leveraging facility siting studies to support safety measures for their facilities.

"why revisit a risk based study" graphic


Our team of  Process Safety, Structural Analysis, and Blast Effects experts provides a unique, detailed, and holistic approach to conduct the initial risk-based facility siting study  creating a baseline risk profile. Often, we are requested to further explore the potential risk drivers with a more detailed analysis to better understand the severity and/or frequency of the hazard.  Through comparisons with the base-line risk that clearly shows how effective various mitigation strategies can be and help make decision makers choose the appropriate strategy to protect their personnel and assets.  Examples of the types of follow-up studies our clients are requesting to leverage the baseline studies and better manage risk are provided below:


  • Offsite impacts from the release of a toxic material onsite
  • Shelter-in-place design for sites with high toxic risk
  • Risk-based building upgrade options to optimize investment vs. risk reduction
  • Anticipated equipment damage from high blast loads of a VCE using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis
  • Fault tree analysis to determine scenario specific failure rates
  • Evaluation of start-up, shutdown, and turnaround risks
  • Relocation of personnel
  • Fire and Gas Detection Mapping, Fire Hazard and Mitigation Analysis, and Hazardous Area Classification leveraging consequence modeling
  • And many more!

We are proud to provide clients and industry professionals with mitigation strategies and solutions during these ever-changing and challenging times. Whether you’d like to explore potential services, or you’d like to dive deeper into identified risks, we’re here to help!