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April 2020

Did you know our blast-resistant building design services can be performed remotely?  Ideally, our structural engineers prefer to have site access to physically survey the building.  However, for years BakerRisk has been working remotely with clients to gather necessary information when a site visit was not possible.  While requiring a bit more site support than a traditional site visit, technology enables our team members to maintain the project’s schedule and deliver results for building design services such as:

  • Building response
  • Conceptual design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Final design
  • Construction support

Houston-based structural engineer John Dyer uses FaceTime to work with site personnel, which offers the ability to see around and inside buildings to gather pertinent data and take photographs when needed.  While structural drawings and site measurements are great to work from in terms of building capacity, seeing the building enables John to determine a building’s condition and confirm the drawings and building information.

Top three reasons to choose BakerRisk for your structural design work:

  1. We are a world leader in risk-based design for buildings in petrochemical facilities.  We have state of the art technology backed by extensive experience in industry including thousands of risk-based design projects, testing projects, and accident investigations.
  2. We strive in producing valuable information needed to make decisions on risk-mitigation and providing personnel with a safe place to work.  Our Structures group has small company flexibility with big company resources and reputation.
  3. By leveraging our industry leading expertise in process safety and blast engineering, our team of structural engineers has an unmatched capacity to assist clients with projects designed to optimize risk reduction while effectively minimizing costs.

Contact our Structures group today to get started.  We have an unparalleled group of professionals with the right experience, tools, and understanding to meet your needs and solve your problems remotely as well as through traditional in-person surveys.