“When the lights go out” at processing facilities

On February 28, 2018, the 2018 Hazardex Conference in Cheshire, UK featured a BakerRisk presentation titled, “When the lights go out”, authored by Roger Stokes, Principal Process Safety Engineer.

According to the conference website, this two-day event focused on risk and asset management, with specific and unique approaches for hazardous area operations and process safety management.

Stokes’ presentation discussed the potential impact of a sudden loss of power at processing facilities, which may produce inconvenient or even catastrophic consequences, not only to the facilities and its assets, but also to personnel and even the environment. Additionally, the presentation reviewed some examples of real life incidents that have occurred, prompting operators to reconsider how they deal with loss of power events and their potential consequences.

The Abstract to this presentation is available here.

To access the full presentation, or to speak with a Process Safety engineer at BakerRisk, please contact us at +1-210-824-5960 for the U.S., or +44-1244-405960 for the U.K., or send us a message here.

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