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November 2020

BakerRisk is known for rapid response and mobilization in the aftermath of an accident, but did you know our professionals provide rapid response support for other situations as well? See how one client recently benefited from this type of service, below.

Blast Effects consultant Jasen Falcon was contacted by a longtime client on a Monday about an urgent facility risk. Our client informed Jasen that they had identified a heat exchanger as a possible hazard and needed to contain fragments from a potential vessel failure. The protection needed to be installed by that Friday morning in order to meet a hard deadline set by the shutdown of a public rail line that runs through the client’s plant. The BakerRisk team (Jasen Falcon, Matt Edel, Amandeep Sharma, Laurie Rodriguez, and Don Ketchum) quickly mobilized, as shown in the sequence below:

Risk management sequence

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