NFPA honors David Kirby with Committee Service Award

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards Council recently presented Senior Principal Blast Effects Engineer, David Kirby, with its Committee Service Award. According to NFPA, this award is designed ‘to recognize the distinguished service of volunteers who contribute to the NFPA’s standards development process and to the cause of fire safety worldwide’. The award is granted to committee members for their ‘exemplary service on one or more committees over a substantial period of time’.

Mr. Kirby currently serves on the:

  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids Technical Committee, on the following since 1991:
    • Operations
    • Storage and Warehousing of Containers and Portable Tanks
    • Tank Storage and Piping Systems
  • Technical Committees on:
    • Explosion Protection Systems (since 1983; Chair from 1991-2002)
    • Combustible Dusts – Handling and Conveying of Dusts, Vapors, and Gases (since 1983)

Congratulations, David, on receiving this prestigious honor!

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