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July 2020

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The BakerRisk Learning Center is pleased to announce the launch of its new online series featuring Facility Siting Study (FSS), Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), and Risk Mitigation courses.  This series will be offered August 25th – August 27th.

Online courses will continue to be facilitated by BakerRisk experts and utilize the same structured materials as our in-person training courses; however, newly launched courses will be offered as half-day(s) modules in an online setting. With registrations available for single or combined course modules to maximize training, BakerRisk continues to find ways to help our clients improve their understanding and management of risk.

Select the training course(s) best suited for you and your company by clicking on the direct link below, or ContactUs to discuss customized courses for your specific training goals.

BakerRisk Learning Center Online Courses