Recent BakerRisk Co-Authored Publication: “Constitutive Modeling and Overstrength Factors for Reinforcing Steel”

The American Concrete Institute’s Structural Journal recently published a technical paper co-authored by BakerRisk Senior Structural Engineer, Thomas Mander, titled, “Constitutive Modeling and Overstrength Factors for Reinforcing Steel”.

The paper will be of interest to researchers and practitioners that analyze reinforced or precast concrete structures for blast or seismic loading.  This paper presents probability density function parameters and a mathematical model to simulate the stress-strain behavior of reinforcing steel bars under uniaxial monotonic loading at different rates.

A critical assessment of current engineering practices related to material stress multipliers is presented based on results from the statistical analyses. It was found that stress multipliers are dependent on reinforcing bar grade, and that current stress multipliers underestimate the expected reinforcing steel stress at failure of most commonly used reinforcement grades if the effects of bar slip are not significant.

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