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March 2019

Below you can find our Spring 2019 Newsletter.  If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant, please Contact Us.

BakerRisk Learning Center

For over 30 years BakerRisk has worked with clients to improve their understanding and management of risk with our industry-leading expertise. BakerRisk customizes courses to provide clients with the exact training they need to meet their risk management safety goals.

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Courses may be offered at the client’s site or a BakerRisk office depending on the course or the client’s needs (as mentioned above, demonstration options are only available at BakerRisk’s test sites).

We offer discounts for early registration and group registrations!

Group registrations are defined as two or more persons from the same company registering simultaneously. The discount applies to the same course only. Discount is 5% for 2-5 people, 10% for 6+ people.

ERC Members will receive an additional 10% off when you enter the coupon code from your ERC news blast.

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BR Highlighted Article – Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide in Oil and Natural Gas Wastewater Tanks

The danger of pyrophoric iron sulfide (PIS) as a source of ignition in refinery operations is widely recognized. Care is taken to remove accumulated PIS from refinery process equipment before the equipment is opened for maintenance. A number of chemical and mechanical methods are available. The potential for PIS accumulation in natural gas processing lines and equipment is also recognized. PIS is known to be one of the potential components of the “black powder” that causes plugging issues from natural gas wellheads to burners. Black powder is handled with care when exposed to air. It has been known to give off the telltale “white smoke” of PIS oxidation and filter elements loaded with black powder have been known to undergo pyrophoric ignition.

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BakerRisk Software – PHA Software Suite PHA-Tool©

Perform PHAs efficiently with PHA-Tool© What is PHA-Tool©? The PHA-Tool© computer code is a comprehensive PHA suite. With the ability to easily transition from various tools used in the previous assessment, it allows for the following major PHA methods with options to add other PHA methods of choice.