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April 2020

Below is our Spring 2020 Newsletter dedicated to Structural Services. If you’d like to receive these topics directly in your email box, click here. If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant please Contact Us.

Implementation of Structural Solutions

We develop innovative building design concepts and work with clients to implement into solutions that exceed  expectations.

Consideration of Non-Structural Internal Debris in Siting of Blast Resistant Module

The displacement and acceleration of blast resistant buildings can lead to significant non-structural internal debris hazards for building occupants. These potential hazards are often overlooked by many when designing new blast resistant buildings as well as specific floor plan layouts at industrial facilities.

BakerRisk has completed multiple testing programs in recent years to document this hazard and in 2019 presented a paper at the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center International Symposium.  The paper provides insight into the hazards associated with interior finish-out and wall-mounted items, and the means necessary to mitigate these hazards.

Click here to request the full paper.

Business Solutions at BakerRisk

RIGID Partnership

BakerRisk and Rigid Global Buildings have teamed together to offer cost-effective solutions in the design and fabrication of blast resistant pre-engineering metal buildings.

PEMB Partnership

drone photo of metal building frame

SAFE Solutions

BakerRisk’s turnkey SAFE (Shock and Fragment Enclosure) solutions are backed by R&D for protection from hazards associated with energetic releases from industrial items such as pressurized components, rotating equipment, batteries, and fuel cells in a streamlined design-build process.

Shock and Fragment Enclosure (SAFE)

side view of SAFE box

FORTRESS Protective Buildings

FORTRESS Protective Buildings, LLC (FORTRESS) was designed and engineered by BakerRisk after recognizing a gap in available options for a multi-hazard resistant building with a high degree of protection. For more information on this turnkey modular concrete building solution, visit our website.

FORTRESS Protective Building