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May 2022

hawks nesting


Naturally, these parents protect their young and will become aggressive with anyone who comes too close to the nest. Our team respects these beautiful raptors by keeping a safe distance from the nest and cautioning curious visitors (safety first!).

Come summertime, we get to see the juvenile hawks grow and start to fly! We also enjoy hearing the hawks distinct cries year-round, as they enjoy perching themselves on our trees.

Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds next time you visit our San Antonio office!

Springtime at BakerRisk headquarters (San Antonio, Texas) means hawk nesting season. A pair of Red-tailed Hawks that live in and around our neighborhood year-round rebuild their nest on our property around April/May each year.

The pair (who we’ve named Romeo and Juliet) hatch their young in a tree next to our balcony overlooking our peaceful property, which gives us a great view of the hatchlings.

warning sign about aggressive hawks nesting in area

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