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June 2017

Below you can find our Summer 2017 Newsletter. If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant, please Contact Us.

BakerRisk’s Approach to Fire Hazard and Mitigation Analysis

At the Hazards 27 Conference, BakerRisk® presented a paper highlighting the reduction of fire risk through the use of a Fire Hazard and Mitigation Analysis (FHMA). The goal of an FHMA is to assess the likelihood or consequence of fire scenarios and the emergency response plan to deal with a fire event. This allows fire protection engineers and emergency responders to ensure that both passive and active fire protection measures are adequate to handle the potential fires on their site. Although many recommended practices such as API RP 2001 reference performing an FHMA, there is little discussion of how one should be performed. More Details

Shelter in Place Case Study

At BakerRisk, risk mitigation options were developed from a project that was geared to protect the occupants of a control room building from the consequences posed by toxic hazards. The primary hazards of the Chemical Processing facility considered were ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Infiltration rates for the building using a CO2 tracer gas test, as well as various weather conditions, aided in the prediction using analytical models.

BakerRisk Safety Moment – Non-Structural Damage

BakerRisk© has developed a new safety moment concerning the vulnerability to building occupants from non-structural debris hazards. Buildings are typically assessed based on the strength of their primary and secondary structural members; however, placing people or unsecured objects near blast loaded can create an additional hazard for building occupants. The safety moment is a short (2.5 minute) video that demonstrates the need to consider non-structural debris hazards when evaluating the blast vulnerability of occupied buildings. More Details

If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant, please Contact Us.