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June 2018

BakerRisk Learning Center

Why choose BakerRisk for your training services??

With everything that your job demands, you need focused, practical training. With BakerRisk, you know that you are getting the most up to date information from safety professionals at the forefront of safety science and policy. Through the use of interactive workshops, classroom instruction, live demonstrations, and training simulations, you learn the skills you need to keep your plant operating safely.

BakerRisk can work with you to offer courses customized to your particular organization or training needs. Your team members will learn from instructors at the forefront of safety science and policy in courses designed with your specific training goals. Adapt existing courses, or work with trainers to develop new material tailored to your staff. Course offerings can be tailored to operators, HSE professions, corporate executives or anyone in between.

BakerRisk can offer…

  • Combine training sessions with corporate retreats or cross site benchmarking and knowledge sharing
  • Roll out new corporate safety standards or initiatives augmented with instruction on the science behind them and methods for implementation
  • Adapt an existing training with company specific metrics, policies, or methodologies
  • Combine training sessions with internal workshops discussing the implications of the new knowledge and potential follow-up activities
  • Couple training with a visit to the Wilfred E. Baker test facility

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