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June 2018

Below you can find our Summer 2018 Newsletter.  If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant, please Contact Us.

BakerRisk Learning Center

Who choose BakerRisk for your training services??

With everything that your job demands, you need focused, practical training. With BakerRisk, you know that you are getting the most up to date information from safety professionals at the forefront of safety science and policy. Through the use of interactive workshops, classroom instruction, live demonstrations, and training simulations, you learn the skills you need to keep your plant operating safely.

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BakerRisk Supports Improvement of NFPA 68

With the assistance of the ERC and other industry partners, BakerRisk continues to perform model validation and product performance testing in order to better understand explosion protection system design and the response of structures to large scale vapor cloud explosions. BakerRisk recently published a paper in the Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries comparing vented explosion test data with predictions using standard industry approaches. The test program, funded by the Explosion Research Cooperative (ERC) utilizing BakerRisk’s Deflagration Load Generator (DLG), showed that the current (i.e., 2013) NFPA 68 correlations can be under-conservative for worst case, near-stoichiometric, propane air-mixtures Using these tests, the newly adjusted NFPA 68 correlation is judged to be reasonable for conditions likely to be present in actual accidental vented deflagrations.

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Safety Moment – High Pressure Hazards

This BakerRisk® safety moment touches on some common pressure testing hazards and barricade concerns. Industry needs are dictating use of systems reaching very high pressures. Although most people realize higher pressures means greater stored energy, increased awareness is needed in terms of what hazards may be presented to nearby people and infrastructure by high pressure systems and equipment. This safety moment shows a release of a projectile that simulates a bull plug launched toward a reinforced concrete barricade.

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If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant, please Contact Us.