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August 2021

Below is our Summer 2021 Newsletter dedicated to Terminal Risk Management. If you’d like to receive these topics directly in your email box, click here. If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant, please Contact Us.

A key function of storage terminals is to provide critical buffer volume for the global supply network. Due to their large storage capacities, terminals have had large, albeit rare, losses from fires and explosions. BakerRisk has applied their investigative experience and lessons learned to the quantitative and qualitative safety studies we conduct to support capital projects. Learn more about our holistic approach to review terminal safety systems and identify gaps in existing processes and developing new processes. Read more.

Technical Safety Studies for Terminals

Fire Hazard Analysis Best Practice

The concept of a Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) is referenced in many standards, practices, and guidance documents that are applied in industry. The analysis efforts may also be bundled with other hazard requirements in standards and guidance documents that are often vague and somewhat subjective when discussing FHA methodology. This document provides field tested suggestions and best practices to help bridge the gap between the standards and fire hazard studies. Download PDF.

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