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April 2018

The 2018 AIChE Spring Meeting and 14th Global Congress on Process Safety (GCPS) will provide 4 exciting days of the latest guidance in the Process Safety industry from professionals from all over the globe, with many opportunities for one on one discussions and networking. This year, the annual conference will be held in beautiful Orlando, Florida from April 22nd -25th.

Day 2 of the conference, Monday, April 23rd, will conclude with an Electronic Poster Session during the Cocktail Reception event at 5:00 PM. This poster session will include a presentation by Todd Drennen, Process Safety Consultant at BakerRisk, on the topic “Reliability Under Pressure: Correct Use of Pressure Relief Systems as Independent Protection Layers”. Mr. Drennen will present this topic on Stage #2 at 6:12 PM.

More information on this presentation topic is below.

For more information on this conference, please visit the conference website here.

Presentation Summary:

For Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) scenarios involving overpressure of equipment, pressure relief systems are often given significant Independent Protection Layer (IPL) credit, and in most cases this is appropriate.  However, LOPA teams need to be aware of the many factors of design, installation, and maintenance of these systems that must be properly addressed in order for this IPL credit to be valid.  These factors are represented in the context of generic IPL criteria of Independence, Functionality, Integrity, Reliability, Auditability, and Management of Change.   Additionally, appropriate IPL credit for multiple relief devices and the use of rupture disks in combination with pressure relief valves is defined, and best practices are presented for developing recommendations that most effectively address identified LOPA gaps.