What to Know Before Completing a Dust Hazard Assessment



Performing a combustible dust hazard analysis (DHA) is imperative in order to identify and mitigate dust hazards for any process handling combustible particulates.  In this webinar, Phil Parsons will discuss what owner/operators should be aware of prior to performing a DHA.  The webinar will include a review of how combustible dust hazards can manifest, a discussion on the relevant codes and standards, and common methods for performing a DHA.  In addition, the webinar will illustrate some common deficiencies of perceived mitigated combustible dust hazards observed through performing hundreds of DHAs.

Highlights covered in this webinar:
• Overview of recent notable losses due to dust explosions
• Review of relevant NFPA Standards
• What is included in a Dust Hazard Assessment
• How to address common protection deficiencies

Overview - What to Know Before Completing a Dust Hazard Assessment
Phil Parsons, presenter for webinar, What to Know Before Completing a Dust Hazard Assessment
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