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December 2019

Below you can find our Winter 2019 Newsletter dedicated to Shelter-in-Place. If you’d like to receive these topics directly in your email box, click here. If you’d like to learn more about these topics or speak with a consultant please Contact Us.

Toxic Shelter Design & Assessment

The presentation Toxic Shelter Testing & Assessment is an informative guideline presentation that provides an overview of BakerRisk’s capabilities with regards to SIP testing and design. Testing provides an overall infiltration rate, which can be used along with appropriate building and consequence models to determine the overall effectiveness of a shelter-in-place designated building. The presentation provides an overview of the key aspects of the topic as well as examples to highlight the importance of different aspects of a SIP assessment.

Building Pressurization – A False Sense of Safety for Shelter-in-Place

A common method of mitigating risk incurred by occupants of a building from external flammable and toxic hazards is to pressurize the building. A pressurized building precludes infiltration of hazardous gases by establishing outward flow through the leak paths, and it purges any hazardous gases that get in. While NFPA 497 provides guidance on best practice for how to pressurize systems for occupied buildings and other enclosures, it is based on the need to meet electrical classification requirements. Read More

FORTRESS Protective Buildings

Fortress Protective Buildings

Are you searching for a building that provides superb toxic protection without sacrificing a high level of protection from blast, fragment and thermal hazards? FORTRESS Protective Buildings may be the solution for you. For more information on this turnkey modular concrete building solution, visit our website. FORTRESS

Fortress example 1

Fortress example 2

2020 BakerRisk Learning Center Is Now Open For Registration!!!

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The 2020 BakerRisk Learning Center is now open for registration. Check out our course catalog to see what learning opportunities we offer that fits your company’s needs.

First quarter courses include FSS/QRA Training and Hazards Awareness (Testing Demonstrations) courses. Please contact us for company and multi-person attendance discounts.