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Cheryl Grounds

published on

April 2005

It has been 5 or 10 years since industry conducted its initial facility siting analyses. It could be time to revisit those studies, if not because the facility has changed, then because there might be room for improvement on the first efforts. Many of the initial studies focused primarily on explosion impacts. The results may or may not have been phrased in terms of risk. The recommendations were likely difficult to integrate with other plant improvement projects. And now resources for such an analysis are even tighter than they were then. This paper will utilize a facility siting case study to highlight analysis improvements including inclusion of explosion, fire, and toxic risks, consideration of toxic ingress into buildings, phrasing results of all scenarios in risk terminology, and presenting results and recommendations in the language of a company’s risk management process. The method used is efficient and provides meaningful results that are easily translated into actions.

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