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Michael Broadribb
Rafael Callejas-Tovar

published on

April 2021

Numerous fatalities and serious health effects have occurred in the process industries through personnel exposure to toxic chemicals and materials. A Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) chemical can be particularly hazardous as a release of some chemicals cannot be detected through sight or smell. TIH chemicals are widely handled in process units and also transported by road, rail, marine, and pipeline. Fatal incidents involving chlorine (Graniteville, SC, 2005), hydrofluoric acid (South Korea, 2012), and methyl mercaptan (MeSH) (La Porte, TX, 2014) (Ref.1) emphasize the risks of TIH chemicals if they are not handled with a sense of vulnerability and proper care. Most elements of CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS)(Ref. 2), plus some engineering design considerations, are important for the proper handling of TIH chemicals.

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