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John Woodward
Kiran Krishna

published on

August 2002

Pool evaporation models commonly use a correlation for convective heat transfer from the atmosphere developed in 1973. In this model the effect of wind speed on the heat transfer rate is a power law expression with an exponent value of 0.78. This coefficients is incorporated in the US EPA guidelines for dispersion modeling (1996). Several of the experiments forming the basis for this exponent value were conducted outdoor, subject to variable wind speed. We regressed the data developed in an extensive experimental program that used controlled conditions in a wind tunnel and found the effect of wind speed on the mass transfer coefficient for pool evaporation to be 0.10. Furthermore, the data suggest why an erroneous value of 0.78 likely developed from experimental conditions that ranged over too small a wind speed range. A pool evaporation model described here is shown to match observed data with negligible bias for three data sets.

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