Purchase BakerRisk’s CATree© laminated poster & manual.

The basic CATree© package comprises a large, laminated Poster and a User Manual.  This basic package may be purchased in English or Spanish. If a company wishes to purchase multiple copies, a discount may be available contact us today.

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The laminated poster is multi-colored and 54 in. by 42 in., and can be displayed on a wall or table, such that all investigation team members can easily see and discuss potential causes on the poster.

The User Manual covers an introduction and background to root cause analysis, definitions, the CATree© methodology, quality assurance, references, and glossary.

It also includes worked examples of using CATree© for a root cause analysis that follows these steps:

  • Gather and analyze evidence, and develop timeline for the incident,
  • Identify causal factors from the timeline,
  • Identify immediate causes for each causal factor using the CATree© poster,
  • Identify near-root causes for each immediate cause using the CATree© poster.

Identify root causes by applying the 5 Whys technique to each near-root cause.

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