In addition to our broad range of consulting services, BakerRisk also offers a line of products to help you manage your hazards and risks. From customizable test programs to turnkey building solutions, our product offerings have been developed to address common industry risk management needs. Looking for a software package developed by engineers, for engineers? Our graphically intuitive software packages are a great solution for rounding out your process safety management tool kit.

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Research and Development

BakerRisk’s R&D programs support continuous learning, creative innovation, and practical consulting services and solutions.


The FORTRESS Gas Sentry should be an essential part of your Toxic Shelter-In-Place (SIP) strategy.

FORTRESS Protective Buildings Provides Multi-Hazard Protection

Multi-hazard Resistant Building Meet the FORTRESS Defender A Precast Concrete Multi-hazard Resistant Building (MRB) designed to be quickly deployed as…

Shock and Fragment Enclosure (SAFE™)

SAFE is a turnkey solution for companies that require safe, reliable pressure testing enclosures designed for their specific equipment and environment.

RIGID Blast Resistant Pre-Engineered Metal Building Design

Our in-house knowledge of blast resistant design combined with Rigid’s proven leadership in PEMB fabrication and delivery provides blast resistant building solutions to our clients.

BakerRisk Software Suite

Our fully integrated in-house software tools are specifically designed to help our consultants cost-effectively meet our clients’ risk management needs.

Nelson-Farrar Cost Index

In April 2020, BakerRisk reached an agreement with the Farrar family to acquire the Nelson-Farrar Cost Index (NFCI). BakerRisk’s NFCI provides industry estimators, project planners, and insurance interests with a reliable method to estimate construction and/or operating costs for major Oil and Gas facilities. Click here to subscribe.

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Risks in the Cannabis Industry: BHO Lab Explosions

Butane Hash Oil Labs: Understanding Risks and Implementing Safety Measures In recent years, the cannabis industry has experienced significant growth and transformation, giving rise to various extraction methods to produce concentrated cannabis products. One of these methods is the extraction of butane hash oil (BHO), which involves using flammable solvents to extract concentrated cannabinoids from…