In April 2020, we launched the Ammonia Energy and Fertilizer Research Cooperative (AEFRC) with nine industry members, which has since grown to eleven members. This Joint Industry Program (JIP) investigates potential failure mechanisms of equipment in ammonia service so that appropriate mitigation practices can be identified and implemented to reduce the risk of potentially severe consequences in terms of injury, property damage, and business interruption. An added benefit of this program is that reduction in likelihood of equipment failures also provides a boost to operational reliability.

In future years, participants of the AEFRC will include equipment and reliability topics in addition to emerging ammonia hazard and consequence needs.  Progress meetings and roundtable discussions are held during the year with the program results shared among the participants, and a final report published for the members.

Brittle fracture of a pressure vessel
Brittle fracture of a pressure vessel is sudden and catastrophic, resulting in loss of containment of product and energetic fragmentation.

The AEFRC is currently funded by eleven international ammonia energy and fertilizer producers with the goal of growing the Program in support of the evolving ammonia energy markets.  Participation in the AEFRC is open to all companies with ammonia energy and fertilizer operations.

2021 Members

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We provide a broad scope of engineering and consulting services for ammonia and fertilizer companies.
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Hydrogen damage observed in the carbon steel line
Hydrogen damage observed in the carbon steel line at the heat affected zone (HAZ). Decarburization and fissuring region caused by hydrogen depleting the iron carbides. Nital etch. (Original magnification: 200x)

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