In April 2020, BakerRisk launched the Ammonia and Fertilizer Joint Industry Program (A&F JIP) with nine industry members. This Joint Industry Program investigates potential damage and failure mechanisms of equipment in ammonia and fertilizer service so that appropriate mitigation practices can be identified and implemented. The Program has grown to twelve members and includes regular update presentations and meetings, roundtable discussions on priority topics, webinars for the members, and comprehensive Reports for the A&F JIP study topics. Members are using the meetings and Reports to improve mechanical integrity, reliability, plant operations, and safety at their facilities, and as a training resource for their staff.

Brittle fracture of a pressure vessel
Brittle fracture of a pressure vessel is sudden and catastrophic, resulting in loss of containment of product and energetic fragmentation.
The 2020-2022 Studies included the following:

Study #1: Ammonia Process Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

Study #2: Ammonia Storage and Loading Facilities Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

Study # 3: Urea Process Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

The current 2023 Studies include the following:

Study #4: Nitric Acid Plant Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

Study #5: Select Ammonium Nitrate Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

Study #6: Latest Developments of HTHA Inspection and Life Assessment Methods

Study #7: Select Utilities (cooling water and steam) Damage Mechanisms and Mitigation Options

In future years, A&F JIP studies will include other equipment and reliability topics in addition to emerging ammonia hazard and consequence challenges. Priority study topics for each Program year are identified and selected by the members and BakerRisk.

The A&F JIP is currently funded by twelve international ammonia and fertilizer producers with the goal of continuing to grow the Program in support of the evolving ammonia markets. Participation in the Program is open to all companies with ammonia and fertilizer operations.

2023 Members

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We have over 35 years of experience providing a broad scope of engineering and consulting services for ammonia and fertilizer companies.
Some of the key services include the following:

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