Mud Plug Testing Research

Failures of mud plugs and other devices used for flammable vapor isolation during pipeline maintenance and repair activities are of great concern to the pipeline industry. In response to these concerns, BakerRisk founded the Mud Plug Testing Research Cooperative in 20I5 as a joint industry research program (JIP) funded by pipeline companies interested in understanding the dynamics of bentonite mud plugs and establishing procedures and practices for the safe use of such mud plugs. The studies and testing performed by the Mud Plug Co-op focus on safety issues common to the industry and the improvement of mud plug and pipeline energy isolation knowledge and safety, with the results, benefits, and costs being shared by all participants.

A mud plug failure has potentially high consequences in terms of injury, property damage, and business interruption. A JIP, utilizing pooled funds from multiple participating companies, is a cost-effective way to conduct the research and development needed to promote an exchange of information related to mud plug flammable vapor isolation practices.

Mud Plug Testing Research

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