We have developed our Shock and Fragment Enclosure (SAFE) to provide clients with an efficient and reliable solution to safely conduct pressure tests. Built with knowledge obtained over years of design experience and gained from our Pressure Testing Research Cooperative (PTRC) industry program, there are many benefits to a BakerRisk SAFE™ solution:

BakerRisk provides a single point of contact for design, construction, and installation of enclosures and equipment.

Shock and Fragment Enclosure

Enclosure construction and equipment installation is performed based on your specifications. The enclosure is built off-site and delivered to your facility for quick setup.

Shock and Fragment Enclosure

Enclosures are completely customizable – they can be small boxes, walk-in rooms, or any other size to meet your requirements. Portable enclosures can be relocated for future needs.

Shock and Fragment Enclosure

SAFE™ Designs Can Accommodate a Variety of Pressure Testing Needs

  • Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure test designs
  • Standard designs are available for High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) test environments
    • 30,000 psi or more
    • 500°F or more
  • Various testing needs can be met
    • Multiple pumps
    • Multiple pressure zones
    • Control panels
    • Data acquisition

A Custom SAFE™ Design can Accommodate Virtually any Test Condition

SAFE™ designs are backed by BakerRisk’s extensive R&D and testing
  • BakerRisk has conducted hundreds of tests that simulate various types of hazards associated with pressure testing failures
  • Enclosure designs satisfy ASME and UK HSE code requirements
Example Projectile Hazard Validation Test
Example Projectile Hazard Validation Test

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