BakerRisk has leveraged our 35+ years of experience on hundreds of accident investigations, full-scale testing programs, and industry knowledge to develop a suite of software tools to address client needs across a range of consequence and risk related areas. Built on a common platform, our software programs are designed to leverage input and results from one study to another. By leveraging common data across multiple projects, we save time and resources providing our clients with high value at significant cost savings.

While some of our software packages are designed for internal use by our experts, other packages are available either as a commercial product or on a viewing platform that allows our clients to review and interact with results in real-time.

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CATree© is an easy to use state-of-the-art Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tool that requires less training and is more comprehensive than other techniques.


Innovative, customizable, and cost effective, our PHA-Tool© allows PHAs to be conducted more efficiently.


SafeSite3G© predicts consequences and personnel vulnerabilities from potential explosion, fire, and toxic events.


QRATool© evaluates and prioritizes risk exposures and the effectiveness of potential risk mitigation strategies.


HACTool© efficiently documents 2D and 3D HAC drawings with detailed, easy-to-update software using rule sets established in applicable guidelines.


MaxLoss© loss estimates are used by insurance leaders to help reduce uncertainty surrounding potential financial exposures.


F&GTool© is a quantitative software tool used to improve existing fire and gas detection layouts or design new ones.


FireHAT© helps take the guesswork out of determining fire protection coverage adequacy.


PSVTool© efficiently aids in the design, evaluation, and documentation of pressure relief devices and systems.

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