CATree© is an easy to use state-of-the-art Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tool that requires less training and is more comprehensive than other techniques.  It provides a systematic, consistent, repeatable process to identify a wide range of potential causes. CATree© is unique in that these causes cover not only the regulated elements of process safety and occupational safety health and environment (SHE), but also the additional elements in risk-based process safety (RBPS) including:

Safety culture
Tools and equipment
The life cycle of engineering projects

(both capital projects and smaller management of change works)

Human factors

BakerRisk’s proprietary CATree© provides a method to understand the fundamental, underlying root causes of an incident to implement corrective actions that address the true root causes of the incident. Now, it has never been easier to prevent repeat incidents!

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Purchase the BakerRisk CATree© Poster & Manual

Purchase the BakerRisk CATree© Poster & Manual

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