BakerRisk's proprietary HACTool© provides client benefits such as:
  • Explicitly calculated boundary distances rather than a single maximum distance
  • Ability to display the appropriate HAC contours in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawings
  • Determine the need for electrically classified equipment at various elevations
  • Identify improperly installed equipment at various elevations
  • Ability to easily update plant changes and keep HAC drawings evergreen
  • Transparency and documentation to facilitate audits

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Using a layered approach to a structured data file, HACTool© links the process stream with the process equipment to determine hazard distances with respect to the installed electrical equipment.  This typically results in lower expenditures on classified equipment.  Our clients are provided with a HACTool© viewer that permits the complete data files (process stream, process sources, ignition sources, buildings) to be viewed and searched in real time.

The powerful search and view capabilities of the HACTool© data file are shown in the example to the left.  By clicking on a green process source, you can quickly ascertain details such as its related process stream, the location of the source, and other important attributes, for example the potential impact upon adjacent equipment and electrical devices.

Purchase the BakerRisk HACTool© Software

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