Our consultants utilize QRATool© to evaluate and prioritize risks of potential hazards from explosion, fire, and toxic hazards.  The program also facilitates the evaluation of optional mitigation strategies to manage the identified risk exposure to tolerable levels.  This is accomplished through an efficient but detailed process for performing Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRAs) to determine risk levels for comparison to risk tolerance criteria and to provide the details required to make decisions regarding mitigation strategies.

We created the QRATool© to seamlessly interact with SafeSite3G© and other commonly used industry consequence modeling software to combine explosion, fire, and toxic vulnerabilities from modeled accidents with occupancy data to calculate risk.  An initiating event frequency is applied to each potential accident scenario along with probabilities of weather, wind direction, ignition, and time of day to derive scenario frequencies. Consequences and estimated frequencies are combined to determine the risk posed by operation of the facility to buildings and personnel.

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QRATool© produces a variety of risk results in both tabular and graphical formats including:

Individual Risk:
  • Work group individual risk
  • Maximum individual risk
  • Location (building/outdoor area) individual risk
  • Geographic individual risk
Societal Risk:
  • Source contribution to societal risk
  • Location (building/outdoor area) individual risk

QRATool© also produces a variety of exceedance consequence curves and contours (e.g., frequency of exceeding a given threshold) including:

Exceedance Risk:
  • Frequency-fatality (FN) curves broken down by hazard, unit, or location
  • Frequency-pressure (FP) curves and contours
  • Frequency-impulse (FI) curves and contours
  • Frequency-thermal radiation (FTR) curves and contours
  • Frequency-toxic (FT) curves and contours

QRATool© also has the unique capability of creating building explosion individual risk contours for siting of portable or permanent buildings.  In addition, it can perform sensitivity analyses quickly and efficiently for occupancy changes and/or source outage changes to assist in turnaround planning.

Inputs from QRATool© can be leveraged to perform economic exceedance and/or risk studies including:

  • Exceedance of asset damage (Frequency-cost (F$) curves)

Interested in this Software?

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