SafeSite3G© is a comprehensive consequence analysis suite capable of simulating chemical discharge, dispersion, pool spread and volatilization, jet and pool fires, vapor cloud explosions, and vulnerability during fire, toxic, and explosion events.  The software utilizes state-of-the-art discharge, dispersion, and blast modeling techniques that are validated by historical data as well as field testing performed by BakerRisk.

Unlike other consequence analysis software, SafeSite3G© is ideally suited for performing facility siting studies by going beyond providing hazard zones and carrying the calculation to personnel vulnerability.  SafeSite3G© is utilized by our consultants to perform studies for onshore facilities (new and existing), offshore facilities, and transportation routes.   During the design phase of a new project, SafeSite3G© can efficiently perform study updates for layout and process changes or be utilized for master planning to minimize future facility risk exposures.  An important advantage of SafeSite3G© is that it stores site information so that future facility siting updates and revalidations are accomplished more efficiently.

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All BakerRisk software tools share a common platform allowing  inputs and results in SafeSite3G© to be leveraged to perform a variety of other safety studies at your facility including fire hazard mitigation analyses, fire and gas detection studies, business interruption studies, which saves you time and money.

The software models the effects of a broad range of hazardous scenarios, including:
  • Flammable or toxic gas dispersions

  • Jet and pool fires

  • Vapor cloud explosions

  • Bursting pressure vessels

The software predicts the effect of hazardous scenarios on buildings, equipment, and personnel including:
  • Building/equipment blast response (damage levels)

  • Thermal radiation/toxic concentration at buildings

  • Outdoor personnel and building occupant vulnerability from explosion, fire, and toxic hazards

Results are presented in both tabular and graphical formats, including 3D depictions of vapor clouds overlaid on facility plot plans or aerial site photographs.

Interested in this Software?

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