5 Myths About BESS: Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage System Hazards and Mitigation

Five Myths and Misconceptions Around BESS & Lithium Battery Safety Driven primarily by concerns about climate change and resource availability, the demand for renewable and sustainable forms of energy has soared. But intermittency in sectors like wind and solar power — a disruption caused by the inconsistency of the weather — has made them less…

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Discover 5 Myths About a Hazardous Area Classification 


Significant safety concerns in many work sites include accidents resulting in fires and explosions. Even with preparation and training — accidents happen. Electrical equipment that an industrial organization relies upon to get their work done can cause the ignition of flammable vapors resulting in catastrophic destruction. Thus, work site areas may be classified as “hazardous”…

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10 Fire Hazard Myths Solved with Fire Hazard Analysis 

Liquid Jet Fire

Fire safety is a vital part of any organization, especially industrial or manufacturing facilities where flammable chemicals, explosive materials, and other hazards are a part of day-to-day operations. While you may already have some fire safety measures in place, it’s never a bad idea to perform a fire hazard analysis (FHA).  Comprehensive fire hazard identification…

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The Importance of Strong Risk Management in the Aerospace Industry

Pressure Test Enclosure Design-2

Why aerospace risk management is crucial in a new era of space exploration  The world is on the cusp of a new expansion in space technology. Advanced satellites, reusable rockets, and other aerospace solutions indicate a renewed focus on aerospace science, space exploration, and potential commerce beyond the Earth. Many companies are eager to take…

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Facility Siting Study Best Practices

An explosion at a petrochemical facility

Make the most of your next facility siting study with 6 smart practices  Understanding building placement and facility hazards is key to developing and implementing smart, effective worksite safety practices. Without the right information, your team won’t make the wisest possible decisions, nor will you be equipped to consistently mitigate risks to worksite personnel and…

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BakerRisk Webinar: “What to know about the BakerRisk Hazardous Area Classification Tool (HACTool©)”

Overview slide of HACTool webinar presentation

BakerRisk Webinar:“What to know about the BakerRisk Hazardous Area Classification Tool (HACTool©)” Wednesday, November 2, 2022 @ 11:00 AM CT BakerRisk performs Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) studies to help our clients design, operate, and maintain their facilities in accordance with current standards in industry. The patented HACTool© software has played an integral role in BakerRisk…

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Industrial Accident Investigation Training with BakerRisk 


Master the accident investigation techniques with informative training classes Industrial accidents happen, even with preparation and training. There’s always room for improvement, however. Every organization can bolster its safety processes and training, continually lowering the risk for future accidents and reducing workplace hazards.  But finding solutions you can use to improve the safety of your…

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BakerRisk Building Design Services – SIP Evaluations & More

BakerRisk works at building worksite

Building Design Services from professional blast engineering tests to SIP evaluations  When disaster strikes, a building’s design and structural integrity affect damages sustained and risk to worksite personnel. Therefore, designing the ideal protective buildings for your worksite is just as important as mitigating risks through policies and practices.  BakerRisk building design services help you create…

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Industrial Disasters and What Was Learned from Them

The Lessons Learned from Industrial Disasters The history of human innovation through industry, while remarkable, is not without its pitfalls. Occasionally, progress is marked not by the chiming bells of success but by the thunderous booms of catastrophe. Such is the nature of industrial explosions – devastating, tragic, yet imbued with powerful lessons for the…