Spring is here, and so are the hawks at BakerRisk Headquarters!

Springtime at BakerRisk headquarters (San Antonio, Texas) means hawk nesting season. A pair of Red-tailed Hawks that live in and around our neighborhood year-round rebuild their nest on our property around April/May each year. The pair (who we’ve named Romeo and Juliet) hatch their young in a tree next to our balcony overlooking our peaceful…

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Process Safety Management Training at BakerRisk

Two men taking a tour at a petrochemical facility and training on process safety management

BakerRisk Learning Center process safety training BakerRisk has been at the front line of risk management and safety education for over 30 years. At the BakerRisk Learning Center (BRLC), clients can experience process safety management training customized for their unique needs and busy schedules. From beginning to end, BakerRisk’s training courses are designed for effectiveness…

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BakerRisk at the 2022 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Spring Meeting and 18th Global Congress on Process Safety (GCPS)

BakerRisk is pleased to join the 2022 Spring Meeting and 18th Global Congress on Process Safety (GCPS), hosted by the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) and the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). This in-person event will take place on Sunday, April 10 – Thursday, April 14, 2022 in BakerRisk’s very own “backyard” –…

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Patent Issued for FORTRESS Protective Buildings’ Unparalleled Design

BakerRisk is excited to share that our expertly designed and engineered FORTRESS Protective Building has officially been patented by the United States Department of Commerce. BakerRisk inventors William Mather, Thomas Mander, John Dyer, Murtaza Gandhi, and Alexander Fergusson designed, engineered, and tested the building drawing from their years of experience with design of protective structures,…

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“Proper Handling of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) Chemicals” featured in the Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP)

The Chemical Engineering Progress journal recently featured the article “Proper Handling of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) Chemicals,” by Mike Broadribb and Rafael Callejas-Tovar. This article provides guidance for handling TIH chemicals using two types of technical safety studies, which together provide an unbeatable approach to risk management and mitigation: Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) approach…

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“Battery Hazards and Prevention” Series

We are pleased to share our 6-part series of white papers focused on safe battery production and storage, and failure prevention. Batteries and BESS are a critical element in the sustainable energy infrastructure by providing the capability to even out the energy flow from intermittent energy sources.  The white paper series covers various aspects of…

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Coalition for Renewable Gas Membership

RNG Coalition Proud Member Green Logo

We are excited to announce our membership with the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas. Keeping people safe is important to us and that includes thinking about how best to serve future generations using the energy technologies available today and in the future. Through public policy and education, the RNG Coalition advocates for sustainable development, deployment, and…

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BakerRisk Acquires Bryant-Lee Associates in Expansion of Materials Engineering and Testing

  San Antonio, Texas – Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc. (BakerRisk), a San Antonio-based leader in providing solutions to manage hazards and risks, acquired San Antonio based Bryant-Lee Associates (BLA) on David Lee performing field work and examination of equipment December 14, 2021 which expands  BakerRisk’s materials science capabilities to include BLA’s  capabilities and…

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Next Step

Benefits of Laboratory Analytical and Testing Methods for Forensic Investigations and Failure Analyses

What are the benefits of using a laboratory to systematically and methodically examine recovered evidence of an incident to answer important questions in the course of an incident investigation, forensic investigation, root cause analysis and failure analysis? BakerRisk's webinar, “What to know about Laboratory Analytical and Testing Methods – Expert Insights and Other Considerations for Forensic Investigations and Failure Analysis” will answer these and other important questions.