At BakerRisk, we don't just work for you, we work with you as a partner to keep your people and facilities safe. Our test facilities feature a team of experienced professionals have a depth of industry knowledge, are skilled in the latest tools and technology, and are driven to provide expertise and solutions to help you manage your risk exposures. For over 30 years, BakerRisk has provided our clients with cost-effective solutions to manage their hazards and risk, earning their trust and respect.  We are especially proud that we have created many long-lasting business relationships with our clients, some spanning decades.

Our clients know we will not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations with  sound solutions and advice.

Accident Investigations

BakerRisk has an esteemed reputation for integrity, earned from performing incident investigations objectively, scientifically, systematically and thoroughly for more than 30 years.

Materials Science

BakerRisk’s Materials and Metallurgical engineers use testing and systematic investigative approaches to prevent, mitigate, and analyze equipment failures.

Site Surveys and Qualitative Studies

Our expertise is built on lessons learned from hundreds of incident investigations and a highly qualified team of consultants averaging over 20 years of industry experience.

Hazard Identification

BakerRisk’s consultants leverage a wide range of industry experience when working with you to identify hazards to manage risk for safe operations.

Consequence and Risk Analysis

From single scenario to facility-wide consequence and risk assessments, our studies provide the insight you need to help you manage your hazards and risks.

Loss Prevention Studies

BakerRisk utilizes a data-driven analytical approach to analyze and design optimal loss prevention and mitigation solutions.

Building Design Risk Mitigation

We provide customized engineering solutions for protecting people and assets.


From standard test programs to more complex custom testing requirements, our engineers have true field experience to design a program to meet your needs.

Low Carbon Energy Risk Management 

Although safer for the planet, sustainable solutions also pose hazards and risks. BakerRisk is trusted by customers to identify hazards, evaluate the associated risks, and provide risk management solutions so that they can safely operate.

Terminal Risk Management

We have the quantitative and qualitative experience to provide a holistic approach to review terminal safety systems, identify gaps in existing processes, and develop new processes.

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Changes in Facility Siting Standards: API 752, 753, & 756

In industries where the daily risks of potentially catastrophic events, such as vapor cloud explosions, are a constant concern, there’s no room for compromise – inherently safer design principles, effective hazard identifications and analyses, and adherence to up-to-date industry standards aren’t just important, they’re essential. Since its establishment in 1919, the American Petroleum Institute (API)…