BakerRisk brings a specialized perspective to each accident investigation due to our expertise in blast effects, structural analysis, materials engineering, process safety, and other disciplines — all of which reinforce our forensic investigation experience. BakerRisk is uniquely qualified to provide leading-edge forensics analysis of key evidence, and our incident investigation experts are able to leverage our testing and computer modeling capabilities to analyze and reconstruct postulated incident scenarios.

Accident Investigation Experts

We are trusted to handle every aspect of an incident investigation from the initial logistics of preserving the incident site, determining the causes, to providing expert testimony. Many of our investigation experts are certified safety professionals (CSP), professional engineers (P.E.), Ph.D.-level scientists, certified fire and explosion investigators (CFEI), and/or members of relevant technical committees.


Certified Safety Professionals


Professional Engineers


Level Scientists


Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators

Examples of BakerRisk Incident Investigation and Litigation Support Activities:
  • Preserve and manage an incident scene
  • Document the scene and collect relevant evidence
  • Support incident reconstruction and forensic analysis
  • Determine origin and cause
  • Perform a root cause analysis
  • Develop effective solutions for minimizing the risk of a repeat incident
  • Provide expert testimony and litigation support
Industry Specializations:
  • Petroleum and chemical processing plants
  • Manufacturing and fabrication facilities
  • Upstream oil and gas, both onshore and offshore platforms
  • Power generating facilities
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Mining

Accident Investigation Team Partners

BakerRisk partners with companies who offer services that complement our accident investigation techniques and FIRST ONSITE is one of those companies. We have worked with them, know how they operate and trust them to provide outstanding quality and service.

First Onsite Services

Disaster recovery and clean up, asbestos and mold abatement, temporary power, biohazard removal and cleaning, reconstruction, and much more..

First Onsite Mission Statement

A leading restoration and property reconstruction company serving North America and beyond. We’re proud to provide the highest-quality remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services for essential industries of every kind: from healthcare and education, to commercial and residential.  Our local, dedicated operations are backed by extensive national resources, so that we can be first to arrive and first to make a difference for businesses, homeowners and communities. Our speed, scope, and scale are unmatched, but it’s our people that make the real difference. With a commitment to excellence, service, and doing the right thing, we’ll get you back to work and life. No matter what.


24 Hour Emergency Number

Site Management and Logistical Support

Dealing with a serious accident can be overwhelming, especially one that involves a life-threatening injury or death.

Scene Documentation and Evidence Collection

Once the scene is secure, prompt scene documentation and evidence collection is essential to obtain the best quality data.

Cause Analysis

Determining the root cause of an incident is essential to minimize the chance of repeating the incident.

Incident Reconstruction

BakerRisk provides engineering analyses, modeling, and testing to evaluate causation scenarios.

Expert Witness Litigation Support

Our experienced engineers, scientists, and consultants have served as experts in legal proceedings and have also assisted litigation counsel by, among other things, interpreting and explaining technical factual information.

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