We have the capabilities to evaluate specific aspects of a hypothesized scenario depending on the complexity of the reconstruction effort. These unique in-house capabilities include developing and executing engineering calculations, running numerical modeling simulations, and setting up and implementing experimental tests. Computer and experimentation simulations are used to reconstruct various aspects of an incident. To support this type of effort, our team prepares and executes field testing protocols; experimental tests on exemplar equipment; numerical simulations of fire and explosion scenarios; numerical simulations of structural response; lab-scale chemical testing / evaluations / demonstrations; scale model testing, and evidence system reconstruction and testing.

Structural Response Modeling to Replicate Accident Conditions
Structural Response Modeling to Replicate Accident Conditions
Examples of reconstruction tests or computer models that BakerRisk can provide include:
  • Gas-fired industrial oven burner system
  • Natural gas dispersion and mixing inside of a purpose-built building
  • Recreating the failure of an industrial pneumatic tool
  • Modeling air infiltration into an inerted storage tank
  • Scale modeling of coal mine ventilation patterns
  • Reproducing runaway chemical reactions
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of a flammable release on an offshore platform
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) modeling of blast wave effects on a storage tank
  • FEA modeling of piping system failure effects on a large furnace

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