Decades of experience allows us to identify and prioritize collection of relevant data, documents, material samples, and additional items of evidentiary value. By working with our clients, government agencies, and other interested parties, we can help to ensure evidence is documented and retained in accordance with industry best practices.

In the event of an accident, site control and evidence preservation are key components of an investigation. It is also crucial to obtain data needed to reduce the likelihood of the event happening again. BakerRisk’s experienced team of investigators are well versed in balancing numerous concerns and working with all parties to rapidly implement a workable site management arrangement, which often involves protocol for scene preservation and evidence collection. These protocols ensure that evidence is preserved in the best manner possible given safety, environmental, regulatory, and legal circumstances, and that scene documentation and evidence collection proceed in an organized manner while minimizing evidence degradation.

Examples of BakerRisk site management activities include:
  • Secure the incident scene to protect items of evidentiary value from degradation or tampering by unauthorized personnel
  • Develop protocols to ensure involved parties are able to conduct their investigations in a safe and efficient manner
  • Coordinate site activities with facility personnel and involved parties
  • Develop evidence management processes
  • Prepare protocols for coordinating later inspections and analyses
  • Manage evidence throughout the life cycle of the investigation and litigation process
Our goal is to help our clients have a safe and well-organized investigation site while conducting a thorough investigation that reduces the likelihood there will be a recurrence of the event.

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