We have earned a trusted reputation for providing cost-effective solutions for risk management needs through the design of numerous new buildings and building upgrades around the world utilizing both consequence and risk-based methodologies.  BakerRisk works with you to develop efficient designs that improve the blast, thermal and/or toxic performance of a building to increase the protection provided to personnel.  We have supported the master planning of numerous greenfield and brownfield projects through feasibility analysis of on-site structures with the goal of developing a safe plant layout to mitigate overall vulnerability or risk.

Our engineers have extensive experience analyzing and designing buildings that are resistant to exposures from blast, fragment/debris, thermal, and toxic hazards. You will benefit from the combined knowledge of our team members who specialize in blast effects, structural design, and process safety risk methodologies. Our proprietary software seamlessly supports design and analysis work with methodologies that have been validated through years of experimental testing and accident investigation experience.

Reseach and Development Lab During Construction
Reseach and Development Lab During Construction

BakerRisk engineers are involved from preliminary discussions of concepts through the building construction process. Ultimately, our focus is to provide a sensible and practical approach to existing building analysis and an economical process for new building design.  We incorporate our expertise in all aspects of the project lifecycle from concept through final design and construction support.

Control Room Before Upgrade
Control Room Before Upgrade
Control Room After Upgrade
Control Room After Upgrade
Depend on BakerRisk for support in these service areas:
  • Master Planning, Building Siting
  • Building Interior Layout
  • Building Analysis and Evaluation
  • Risk-Based Design Approach
  • Consequence Based Design Approach
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Upgradability Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • New Building Design
  • Building Upgrade Design-Retrofit
  • Window and Door Design
  • Construction Cost Estimation
  • Final Design Services
  • Construction Documents
  • Design-Build
  • Integrated Design
  • Bidding Services
  • 3D Building Renderings
  • Construction Support
  • Construction Administration

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