As the industry best practice shifts from consequence analysis to quantitative risk assessment for decision making purposes, a risk-based approach is increasingly utilized in the decision-making process.  By using risk-based building design for upgrades to existing buildings and new buildings, companies can cost-effectively control their capital investments and protect their personnel.

We are an industry leader in the performance of quantitative risk assessments and using the risk-based approach for risk mitigation studies. Combined with our extensive 30+ years of experience in blast-resistant design and structural testing, BakerRisk can offer a comprehensive approach for risk-based design projects. Our proprietary risk-based design software, RMTool©, was engineered to provide practical solutions based on our experience and our clients’ needs.  RMTool© allows our structural engineers to optimize risk reduction versus capital investment using results from a detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment.

Leveraging BakerRisk’s proprietary software tools SafeSite3G©, QRATool©, and RMTool©, we provide a range of cost effective risk-based building design services to meet specific client needs.  These services can range from conceptual “best practice” design support to detailed design building support, but typically include one or more of the following:

  • Masterplan support for greenfield and brownfield building location and design optimization
  • Building siting and construction type feasibility analyses
  • Conceptual building design and material optimization
  • Risk-based specification services
  • Design and construction support activities

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